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About Heritage

The Heritage Bed Company is an exclusive maker of exquisitely handcrafted mattresses. We use only the finest natural fillings and traditional manufacturing techniques, handed down by generations of bed makers to produce a range of products that are amongst the best in the world.

We use natural materials that are responsibly sourced, indulgently luxurious, yet inordinately practical and durable. Fine cashmere, silk, cotton and wool are combined in our mattresses to create beds that are naturally hypo-allergenic and supremely comfortable. All our mattresses are made in the UK by craftsmen, to exacting standards, with finely finished detailing and our own unique blend of contemporary and classic design.

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Natural Luxury

There is simply no substitute for natural materials that offer not only a sumptuously comfortable sleeping surface, but also regulate body temperature and are naturally hypo-allergenic.

At the Heritage Bed Company we only use natural products in our mattresses. Layers of fine wool, cotton and silk are combined with deep pocket springs to create beds that are the finest money can buy.

Wool & Cotton

Natural wool is a breathable filling that keeps you cool during the summer and warm during cold winter nights and provides a plush and comfortable feel. As a natural fabric, it also offers natural fire retardant properties, reducing the use and smell of chemicals in your mattress.

We also use natural cotton to offer comfort and support while you sleep. Soft and cool, cotton is highly breathable and wicks away moisture for a fresh and dry sleeping surface and is layered to provide a cushion of comfort above our pocket springs.

Silk & Cashmere

You will only find silk in the most luxurious and high-end mattresses. We use it because it is a natural fibre and offers enhanced comfort and moisture control, helping to create a cooler, fresher sleeping environment.

Cashmere is often defined as wool, however, cashmere actually originates from rare cashmere goats. Softer and finer than everyday lambswool, cashmere offers an even more luxurious feel. It is not only beautifully soft, but keeps you warm and helps absorb moisture to keep you cool and dry.

Timeless Heritage

Each Heritage bed is made by master craftsmen using traditional processes that have been handed down through generations of bed making and each is hand crafted to an exquisite quality.

A Heritage bed is the ultimate luxury item and takes many hours to create, combining upholstering, cutting, seaming and joinery techniques, all finished by hand.

Craftsmanship & Finish

Every mattress is filled with extra deep, high turn pocket springs, and deep layers of natural carded wool and natural cotton. Select our 3500, 9000 or 11500 mattress and you will find additional layers of lavish Mongolian cashmere and silk.

Each bed and mattress undergoes numerous inspections throughout the making process to ensure that every Heritage bed is made to the same exacting standards of craftsmanship and detailing. Each mattress is finished with hand stitched borders, hand tufting and a beautifully elegant stretch cotton damask cover.

Signature Collection

Sheer Indulgence

The Signature range represents the ultimate in absolute luxury. With a choice of mattresses in generous spring counts, each mattress is handcrafted and made with natural wool, cashmere, silk and cotton and finished with flag stitched handles, hand stitched borders and a premium damask fabric cover.

Natural Collection

Premium Luxury

The Natural Collection offers an even greater choice across its range with a wide variety of spring counts. Each mattress is hand crafted and made with natural wool and cotton, whilst the 3500 edition also benefits from additional layers of cashmere and silk. Each mattress is finished with flag stitched handles, hand stitched side borders and a premium damask fabric cover.